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[Release] Texture Output Application

Post by watch » 24 Feb 2010, 07:59

I have written an application that outputs a list of textures a map uses and whether they are embedded into the map file or contained in an external wad file.

I am writing a tutorial and I used it to test the effects of the wad command line switches in Zoner's compile tools, but there might just be someone else out there with OCD that will find it useful.

Usage: fm_textures.exe <file> or just simply drag and drop a bsp onto the exe


Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/401140141/f ... s.rar.html OR http://fm.myklol.net/downloads/fm_textu ... xtures.rar
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Post by N.O.L.F. » 24 Feb 2010, 10:26

quite usefull, nicely done

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Post by SoDa » 25 Feb 2010, 22:27


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