Server Down 07/01/2018

teh ORiON » 07 Jan 2018, 19:37 » Views: 1184 Comments: 1

Since many ask, the server is down at the moment. This is due to the actual server having been updated to a newer version of it's operating system. This seems to have caused some compatibility issue, causing the server to not start correctly. It's being looked into.

Logon Issues

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A number of the tables in the forum database had become damaged and were preventing logins. The database has been restored from the last good backup, 25th February. Since the damaged tables appeared to be preventing users successfully logging in we shouldn't have lost anything, if you think otherwise, let me know.

Edit: I've taken the opportunity to update the forum software, it was a fairly big update and broke the theme, it's now been tweaked, including adding fontawesome icons on the forum/topic rows which get us sweet vector points. Domo has had a small makeover also.

Theme & SSL

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Last month we added SSL to the site, the main benefit of this is anything you send and recieve from the site, e.g. login credentials, are encrypted in transport. If you are experiencing login issues, please clear your browser cookies

It's been over 3 years since the theme has been modified, so it's been given an update! it's not perfect, and will be tweaked over the coming months. The plan is to add a variety of pages and have different background images in the header on rotation.

Any feedback is welcomed


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Working on the site: Forums moved and upgraded to phpbb3. Theme is temporary, the default one was designed to break your eyes so I had to change it.

phpbb3 converter REALLY didn't like the posts where the user had put long unbroken string in their post. There was quite a few which I had to hunt down, mofos

Me and my buddy Naked Swe Toillet Runner would like to...

Bolleh » 24 Dec 2008, 09:10 » Views: 11214 Comments: 27

...wish you all a [color=red][size=150][b]MERY CRISEMES AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR![/b][/size][/color]

Time to wrap some christmas presents which I should've done days ago.

New Recruits

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Welcome! and check the clan forum guise







The rest of the applications we are still discussing

Recruitment is open

watch » 29 Jul 2008, 14:02 » Views: 16405 Comments: 39