A few fun things I've made

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teh ORiON
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A few fun things I've made

Post by teh ORiON » 03 Sep 2015, 14:01

Just a few fun things I've made in TFC which haven't really seen the light of day (yet).

Tankmod for TFC, basically a driveable tank with a working turret.

Attempt to make some "ai" NPC enemies with randomwalk within a grid, kills on touch.
Speed is constant, so you have to avoid them as you "slide" through.

ORiON....w h e r e . t h e . s t a r s . c o m e . o u t . a t . n i g h t !....

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Post by SOADxt » 03 Sep 2015, 16:27

Lolz!!! Awesome work!!!!

This can be used in a lot of new maps... also i want right now a map called TANK_BATTLE to fight each other :DDD

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Post by N.O.L.F. » 04 Sep 2015, 07:01

gud work :) im using that slide plugin for a strafemap atm, but since im super lazy that one will take a while to come out

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