tansqla's application

I'd love too join your beautiful clan
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tansqla's application

Post by tansqla » 27 May 2019, 22:55

First of all, hello everyone.
I actually didn't expect to create this application in FM Team, but i rather come to for what i come here, right?
- Name(most commonly used in server, or real if you prefer)
STEAM ID -  STEAM_0:0:1143083
- Age (dont be shy)
- How long have you played TFC for
I'm playing TFC for over 400hrs.
- How long have you been sticking with FM
I'm sitting at Discord channel since 10 May, not that long and not that short enough.
- Short 'about me' , if you prefer
I'm russian ex-kreedz player from 2009 to 2014. Basically i have ended up my trip because of i have reached own limits and meet up with good guys who have helped me a lot, going for experience at another GoldSrc game then.
I like this game actually, because i'm remembering old dynamics and "voices" of 1.6, where i have played all day and night for passing maps by using a lot of techniques which i surely know now.
Feel free to ask about what you really want, still learning some tricks in this inpredictable engine-based game!
- Why should you pick me
After all i can help other players to achieve something, like "acceljump" or even "groundstrafe" ("chopping"), just ask me and i'll help you with pure wish. :D.

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Re: tansqla's application

Post by Ilupuusikuniluusi » 01 Jun 2019, 10:29

Woah! Hey! Watch out! Look out! Hey, watch it! Woah, cut that out! Woah, watch your step! Woah, that's quite something! Woah, that's impressive! Woah, incredible! Woah! Haha! Woah! Haha! Woah! looking forward to seeing you teach ("ACCELJUMP", "PRESTRAFE", "LONGJUMP", "GROUNDSTRAFE") with your admin powersWoahWoahWoahWoahWoahWoahWoahWoahW

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