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Disk space

Post by pizzahut » 01 Aug 2019, 18:03

So disk space on the old tiny VPS is always a rare resource. I've continued to cleaned up the Royston Vasey user account, currently it uses approx. 5,2 GB. Additionally, the fast download for RV is also hosted on the VPS, which takes up another 2,9 GB.

After this clean up, there is still only 5,5 GB free disk space left for the whole VPS. It's sufficient though atm.

The FM account uses up 30,3 GB. While there's no urgent need right now to make room, maybe there's something which you can archive, download and delete. If you're unsure whether you might still need everything that's there, no worries, just leave it as is. :)

Anyway here's what takes up the most space (steamcmd dir):

6,1 GB fmserver17012019.tar.bz2 (backup of hlds2, January 2019)
10,6 GB hlds
13,3 GB hlds2

Keep in mind that if you want to make a new archive, there isn't enough disk space - you'd need to delete something first.

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